God sends me poems and songs in my sleep, when my eyes are closed and I can see with my heart without the distractions of this world. When I wake I write, fine tune and recite. Sometimes I don't even understand the meaning of all the words until I look them up.
Jesus died at 33 and I'm 33, so I promised God that before I turn 34 I would create a blog and share with the world the poetry and songs that he placed in my heart.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


February 18, 2006 © 2009

Hear that? “Pitter Pat”
That’s the heart of Jesus
That’s the part of Jesus the world wouldn’t accept
He died for our sins when the world wasn’t yet
Love bleedeth from the heart of Jesus
But life was so hard for Jesus
He said, “If the world hate you,
Ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”
That’s the that way the world do
Satan’s crew was in heaven hating too

Jesus told Judas “That thou doest, do quickly.”
In other words, hurry so I can forgive thee
Even though that crown of thorns prick thee
Healing hands with nails drove through
Right then they knew it was you
Christ Jesus

Love for us in the heart of Jesus
But death is what we brought to Jesus
Forgiveness is the art of Jesus
Sometimes when I talk to Jesus
I ask him why does he love me so much
Despite all the times that I have messed up
He told me to “Shut Up!
Your sins have been cast into a sea of forgetfulness!”
Hear that? “Pitter Pat”
That’s the heart of Jesus
“Pray for them that despitefully use you,
And persecute you;”
That’s the heart of Jesus
Though they tear apart my Jesus
He still makes room in his heart for non-believers

How many of you know
A love that’s even close to Jesus
If you do I bet it’s the Holy Ghost you’re feeling
Sometimes I know you’re feeling
Like you’re all alone
But if you make your heart his home
He’ll never leave you nor forsake you8
He’ll love you when they hate you
Protect you like David in the Valley of Death
Forgive you when there’s barely a breath in his body
I’m so Inept
But he accepted me
And made me somebody
So I got to tell everybody
About the heart of my Lordy
I had a little walk with Jesus
Now that I know the heart of Jesus
I’ll never be apart from Jesus again
Hear that? “Pitter Pat”
That’s the heart of Jesus
Isaac MCCullumm Jr.    

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