God sends me poems and songs in my sleep, when my eyes are closed and I can see with my heart without the distractions of this world. When I wake I write, fine tune and recite. Sometimes I don't even understand the meaning of all the words until I look them up.
Jesus died at 33 and I'm 33, so I promised God that before I turn 34 I would create a blog and share with the world the poetry and songs that he placed in my heart.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Aug 03, 2005 © 2009

I’m praying for you to bless her
Prepare her a table under enemy shelter
Don’t let it rain too much
It might melt her
Protect her
Don’t let the evils of this world get her get her
Never let her leave your sight
In the dark be her light
When she’s wrong be her right
And when she’s blind be her sight
Let me be her knight in shining arms
Let me hold her tight inside these arms

Praying for you to get her from A to B
Please help her find her way to me
You know her from A from to Z
It ain’t fair to keep her away from me
My heart beats a symphony for your sympathy
Satan’s tempting me with pretend-to-be’s
But I’m a wait patiently till you send to me, my friend
Until then, I render thee all this love you placed in me
And I’m a keep praying faithfully
Cause Mathew 21:22 say to me:
Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing,
Ye shall receive.
Lord I’m on my knees
And I must believe more than mustard seeds
Cause I put my all my trust in thee
And surrendered to you utterly

Lord I’m really wishing
You’d fill this void I’m feeling
Can’t avoid my mission
But it would help to ease the tension
If I had a help mate to face thee Dissension
Make her strong; let her see your vision
Not concerned if she can burn in the kitchen
As long as the fire in her heart is living
Give her thee ambition to climb higher higher
Let her feet dance on the peaks of St. Elias
Every day open her eyes to a beautiful sunrise
Let her life be filled with fun times
And God maybe you can let our dreams combine
So we can see each other sometimes
You said it’s not good for man to be alone
I’m Adam before you removed the bone
Am I supposed to be alone
I guess you prolonged this state
To make us caterpillars appreciate
The leaves we ate before we’ve flown
Would’ve never known echelon could feel so great
Flying over fields of great
Please Lord reveal out fate
Guide each decision we make
Till your will be done
Help us both to hold on
And know before long we will be one
Dancing over daffodils in the sun
Looking to the hills from which our help comes
A fresh breath of heaven fills our lungs
With the sweet taste of nectar amidst our tongues
We will keep praising you until you come Lord

Don’t leave me Lord
I need you to feed me Lord
I ain’t trying to be greedy Lord
I just want her to come and see me
I’ll keep thee commandments
Father, I understand that
Your plan extends farther than this planet
I’m not asking for your love
I demand it
Now that I know you, I’d never put nothing before you
I adore you
You’re my treasure
My hearts in heaven
You will never lose my love
If you do, I’ll help you find it
You’re love’s the truest, the purest, and the kindest
I just want someone to share this time with
On my last day flashing through my mind is your love
And how you showered your blessing from above
And even if sometime it’s her I’m thinking of
It’s because inside of her, is your love
By the way, I’m right here at Bible Way
You don’t have to send her right away
God your love is so great
I’m willing to wait
Your Servant:

Isaac MCCullum Jr

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